SR 1157

Past Imperfect – #157

Although many believe the “Bathing Beauties” competitions at Coney Island during the early 1900s were the forerunners of the Miss America pageant, they were actually part of a scientific study of human failure. In this test scenario, the objective was to determine how long it took before the […]

SR 1084

Past Imperfect – #84

The final scene of the play was a smashing success, with critics on their feet, rhapsodizing in that way the certain critics do when they decide to pluck a mundane play out of obscurity and then trumpet it as The Second Coming. Admittedly, the story was powerful and […]

SR 1013

Past Imperfect – #13

During the opening night of “Chernobyl: The Musical!”, a conversation took place… Jan, far left: “I had no idea what I was getting into when I joined this chorus line. I mean, a girl’s gotta make a living and all that, but this is ridiculous. How can anybody […]

SR 1004

Past Imperfect – #4

As they idled in traffic, Gaby, Lois and Sweet Pea did their best to pretend that the car door had not fallen off their vehicle, because to acknowledge such would take the spotlight off their expensive couture, and we couldn’t have that. The ease with which they assumed […]


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