Here’s the deal. I was tidying up the house the other day when I noticed that the on-hand stock of a certain “relationship enhancement” product was alarmingly low. Now, I normally wouldn’t think it appropriate to publicly share details of the bedroom. But in this particular case, considering […]

SR 1016

Past Imperfect – #16

When Prudence returned home from her first year at Miss Prim’s Finishing School, her parents were not surprised that she had a letter from the headmistress explaining that Prudence would not be joining them for a second year…  

SR 1036

Past Imperfect – #36

After 7 daughters in a row, Mrs. Delganzo decided that her next child would at least LOOK like a boy, damn it all. Mrs. Delganzo and Bobbie were soon in therapy, with “The Stupid Hat” becoming a focal point of the discussions…  

SR 1363

Past Imperfect – #363

Dick: “Now, now, my pet. There’s no reason to be so blue.” Ruby: “But you don’t understand. I really wanted to get that part. I practiced and practiced for at least fifteen minutes!” Dick: “Well, sometimes things just don’t work out. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. But […]


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