SR 1317

Past Imperfect – #317

Joan: “What do you mean you won’t allow me to check in to this hotel?” Desk Clerk: “We have a strict policy against letting people into the building with eyebrows that are bigger than the Chrysler Building. It’s a structural issue, and we can’t jeopardize the safety of […]

SR 1315

Past Imperfect – #315

Reporter, passing by: “Excuse me, gentlemen. Could I have a word with you?” Edward: “We’re a little busy here and this thing is kind of heavy so… no.” James: “Get lost, sister.” Reporter:  “This will only take a few minutes. I couldn’t help but notice that you appear […]

SR 1313

Past Imperfect – #313

Howard Hughes: “I’m pleased to meet you, Bette.” Bette Davis: “Likewise, I’m sure. Thank you for participating in this charity event.” Howard: “Happy to do so. But what, exactly, are we supporting?” Bette: “Why, we’re raising funds for a new animal shelter. Surely you read the invitation.” Howard: […]


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